Academics And Examination

Palakkad Centre undertakes the following coaching classes :
» Regular Classes for DIPIETE and AMIETE
» Crash Courses
» Preparation of Projects and guidance works
» Conduct of student oriented seminars

Eligible students are required to forward their applications for registration of Project Work to the respective IETE Centres/Sub Centres where the examinations are conducted. The applications should include the synopsis of the Project Work, guideā€™s bio-data and his willingness letter to guide the student, along with requisite project fees.

There will be no joint project work.

For further Details Contact Your nearest IETE Centre

Important Instructions to IETE Students : Lab-Contact Classes

Click here for REB Exam Form

Click here for Project Registration Form

  1. * 1. Please go through the general instructions regarding Lab Contact Classes in our website/IETE website .
  2. * 2. Those who are intending to appear for the Lab contact Classes for DECEMBER Exam at the Centre should register their names at the Centre on or before 20th SEPTEMBER .
  3. * 3. The Lab Journals prescribed may be purchased well in advance for familiarization of the course .
  4. * 4. The requirements of lab Journals may be intimated to the centre well in advance for procuring the same from H/Q.
  5. * 5. The lab Contact classes will commence well in advance this time right from First Week of OCTOBER in a systematic way .
  6. Examination System
    » Months : June and December
    » Fixed Dates of Exam : 15th to 22nd ( Theory Examinations )
    » Lab Practice , Oral Test , Seminar and Project Exam : Either before the Theory Exam or After Theory Exam - Will be held at the Centre Office
    » Venue of Theory exam : Will be intimated through Hall permits - ( Also will be published in Site after finalizing Venue )
    Important Dates to be remembered :
    » Last Dates for Submission of Application for Theory Exam at H/Q : 25th April / October For June/December Exams
    » Last Date for Regn for Lab .Practice/ oral/ seminar/project at CENTRE : 15th February / August for June/December Exams
    » Enrollment / Admission

    The enrolment is open throughout the year but to be eligible to appear in the following examinations, dates as under will be adhered to:

    June Examination: 31 March

    December Examination: 30 September

    Recognition letter of Govt of India (Both AMIETE and DipIETE), Indian Railway etc. (more details)

    Dual Degree, Diploma and Integrated programs. (more details)

    Details about Means Cum merit Scholarship (more details)

    IETE M-Tech stipend (more details)

    Details about SIC for Interaction (more details)

    LP /Seminar Rs500/-Rs600/-
    Midterm Project( Subject to revision by H/Q )Rs1200/-Rs1500/-

    Important instructions for students Appearing for Project Examination:

    1. * Students are directed to bring 2 copies of soft bind report during the examination.
    2. * Electronics projects should be demonstrated at the time of examination.
    3. * All necessary gadgets required for demonstration should be brought by the student.
    4. * Computer Projects : soft copy of the project along with supporting softwares and backup files should be brought by the student for demonstration of the project
      during the time of examination.

    Important Tips for Students:

    1. » Filling of OMR Sheet : Read, understand and fill carefully as per directions to avoid payment of fines and other complications.
    2. » Make sure that the DD is obtained from Banks without any mistakes/omissions such as signature of the authorized representative of Bank.
    3. » Make the payments for correct amounts to avoid running at the time of Exam.
    4. » Apply only for the eligible subjects.
    5. » Fill the SD nos and Roll nos correctly at the appropriate places without interchanging in Ans. Books.
    6. » The payment for LP/Project/Seminar/Oral Test should be made at the office of the CENTRE OF EXAM.
    7. » Don't wait for the last date for submission of applications to avoid confusions and try to submit the same atleast one week ahead of target dates.
    8. » Contact Centre for Clarifications, if any, reqd.

    Details of Awardees of H/Q

    Congratulations to the Top Ten Rank Holders of DIPIETE( 11 out of 14 From Kerala)

    Out of 11 Eight rank holders are from Palakkad Centre

    206943 DEEPIKA DEV 8.33 Aleppey ( Kochi Centre )
    210148 BINCY G8.33Palakkad
    209513ANEESH V A 8.09 Palakkad
    210160SEVIAMMA .A 8.0 Palakkad
    76209399 ABDULLA CHOZHIMADATHIL 7.76 Malappuram (PKD Centre)
    208482 NAVYA MULLERI 7.66 Kasarkode ( PKD centre )
    211176 RAJEENA P K 7.42 Kannur ( PKD centre )
    208469 MAHITHA POCHAPPAN 7.389 Kannur ( PKD centre )
    209902 RESHMA R K 7.33 Palakkad
    209567 MANJU C S 7.28 Tiruvananthapuram
    209574 RAJESWARI L 7.28 Tiruvananthapuram

    List of Students Selected for means cum merit Scholarship 2013 By IETE H/Q

    Congratulations to the Scholarship Winners of DIPIETE( 27 out of 30 From Malabar Region)

    SL No NAME Membership No District
    1 Ms Jisha K 227929A Kannur
    2 Ms Jasna O V227932AKannur
    3Shri Sooraj K 228611P Kozhikode
    4Shri Ameen Nasif M P Marakkare Purakkal 228447 Malappuram
    5Shri Anees A 231279 Palakkad
    6Ms Jinitha A 231293F Palakkad
    7Ms Aiswarya C 231278 Palakkad
    8Shri Nitish Chandran Nair231236 Palakkad
    9Ms Nimisha O K 228704 Kozhikode
    10Ms Nithyamohan T K 228523 Kozhikode
    11Ms Sinuja K 229107 Kozhikode
    12Ms Reeshna P K 228706 Kozhikode
    13M s Thulasi M M 228520L Kozhikode
    14Ms Binitha T P 228468N Kozhikode
    15Ms Saranya K P 228648W Kozhikode
    16Ms Sumi G 228256H Palakkad
    17Ms Shameena Beegum S 228253P Palakkad
    18Ms Sruthi S 231162 Palakkad
    19Ms Reshma R 231159Palakkad
    20Ms Suryareshma P 231166M Palakkad
    21Ms Subha Sree B N 231164 Palakkad
    22Ms Praveena K S 231156H Palakkad
    23Ms Geethu N P 228471N Kozhikode
    24Ms Jinsy M V 228497H Kozhikode
    25Ms Athulya K 228522W Kozhikode
    26Shri shanoob S 222709M Palakkad
    27 Shri Akhil U 222345Kannur


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